Pricing designed to be as flexible as you.  We all need downtime.  Now you can surge or relax without worrying about large monthly charges during the off-season or quiet periods.  Rest easy.


How It Works

ELEMENTICE™ pricing is based around "Active" and "Inactive" devices - Walker, Booth and Printer are all just "devices". 

The system automatically detects when we've processed more than 50 images from a device in a calendar month and that device will be billed as "Active".  Anything less than that is automatically billed as "Inactive" - we assume you're just doing demos or maintenance.

The last part is "Processing" which is just how many images are processed through your account.  There are awesome volume discounts that mean the more you use, the cheaper it gets!

At the end of each month you'll receive one invoice with it all wrapped up together.

Automated, Flexible
Usage Detection

Quiet months are easy with automated detection of Inactive devices.  No need to stay on top of every device plan.  We automatically charge you less.

You're in Control

Smaller is cheaper, and bigger is possible.  Keep the costs down by shooting every event at the image file size that works best for you.  Processing charges are automatically calculated each month based on data throughput.

Easy to Sell Digitals

It's easy to have the original, digital image available for customer purchase online in seconds via the ELEMENTICE™ Gallery.  With real-time delivery and merchant fees of only 3%(+Stripe fees), it's the easiest way to sell online. 

Processing (WiFi)

Data upload via WiFi


AUD per GB

✔️ Use your own portable WiFi hotspot

✔️ Approx. 2.5¢ per image*

✔️ Includes data transfer, watermarking, edits, personal galleries, and more.  

✔️ Pay only for what you use!^

Billed Monthly

Processing (Cellular)

Data upload via Cellular


AUD per GB

✔️ ELEMENTICE data SIM provided

✔️ Real-time image delivery

✔️ Approx. 4¢ per image*

✔️ Includes data transfer, watermarking, edits, personal galleries, and more.  

✔️ Pay only for what you use.


All plans require an ELEMENTICE device (Walker/Booth/Kicker)
* Based on an image file size of 2.5 MB
Excludes Gallery Cards, Email and SMS Gallery Notifications
All prices are AUD, ex GST
Maximum inactivity period of 6 months per device.


Lots of images? No worries!

Contact Us

✔️ Use your own ID (Barcode, QR or RFID)

✔️ Custom Plans and Pricing

✔️ Bespoke API/platform integrations

✔️ Fixed price or volume based


Gallery Cards

If you're not using your own type of ID (eg, barcode lanyards, student IDs, etc.), the the default method of image delivery is the ELEMENTICE™ Gallery Card.  The Gallery Card includes a QR code which links directly to a Personal Gallery where guests can access their images.  It's a great way to brand your services or provide a marketing option to clients too! 

Gallery Cards are ordered via the ELEMENTICE™ Console.  Prices range from just over $1 ea when doing small orders of around 100 cards, to around 10¢ ea when ordering close to 5000. 

Please see the calculator for a current pricing table.

We have used ELEMENTICE’s WalkerKam at 30 events nationally over the past 2 years, with great results. Our clients love being able to access and link great images with their brand. The results are that social media sharing at these events has increased by 100%.
Earlybird Events
Earlybird Events
ELEMENTICE are providing Perisher innovative, cost effective and flexible solutions that compliment and enhance our applications and have our guests engaging with us more.
I have worked closely with the team at Elementice on over a dozen occasions in the past year. Their professionalism and customer service is fantastic and their innovative products, (in particular WalkerKam) have been a delightfully buzzing addition to these corporate events. I would confidently recommend Elementice to any business in either the public or private sector and for a diverse range of events – even weddings.
Emily Hannah, AIPP M.Photog
esh photography
"This is the best family photo we've ever had!"
Random Mum
Canberra Show