The Platform

ELEMENTICE™ systems are designed to work for you and your business just the way you want to.  Choose and configure your workflow simply to increase efficiency, achieve real-time image delivery... or both.



The ELEMENTICE™ Console is included as part of every device subscription.

From here, you can view images from all your ELEMENTICE™ devices in one place, in real-time.  Perform edits, update branding, manage client/customer galleries, select delivery methods (Gallery Card, SMS, email), view customer engagement metrics, sell digitals online and auto upload to FotoMerchant HV for physical print orders... all via the ELEMENTICE Console.


Images Processed


Photo Sessions



Eliminate Admin

No more manually sorting images or doing a mail-out after the event with a Dropbox link to 1000 images. Images are delivered directly to individual guests in real-time.

Instant, Personal
Image Delivery

Deliver branded (or unbranded) images to guests instantly in their own personal gallery.  No sorting, no waiting and no searching. Public Galleries are still available too.


Fulfill customer requirements by shooting RAW for edits or hi-res print while still delivering images in real-time to customers, event managers, socials and e-commerce.

Give Your
Client More

Win more clients by offering more.  Offer marketing options such as real-time watermarking, previously impossible socials engagement or share online sales profits.

Watermark Low-Res, 
Sell Hi-Res

Deliver low(er)-resolution, watermarked sample images to your potential customers in real-time and maximise your hi-resolution original sales all in one platform.

Devices Globally,
Management Locally

ELEMENTICE™ devices can be anywhere, but managed in one place, in real-time.  Conventions, cruise ships, MTB races, gala dinners, canyons, snow fields... one console.


Sell in Seconds

ELEMENTICE™ devices automatically upload photos in real-time to personal galleries.  From here, if you have chosen to enable online sales for the event, customers are able to purchase the original, high-resolution files in seconds.

Using Stripe, funds from purchases will be deposited daily directly into your own business bank account.

...all this without sending an email or manually uploading an image!

*Requires a Stripe account.



It's never been so easy to get your images from your camera into your a professional sales platform and out to the print lab.  Professional lab prints can be purchased mere seconds via Fotomerchant HV*.

The high volume industry just got upgraded!

*Requires a Fotomerchant HV account.

We have used ELEMENTICE’s WalkerKam at 30 events nationally over the past 2 years, with great results. Our clients love being able to access and link great images with their brand. The results are that social media sharing at these events has increased by 100%.
Earlybird Events
Earlybird Events
ELEMENTICE are providing Perisher innovative, cost effective and flexible solutions that compliment and enhance our applications and have our guests engaging with us more.
I have worked closely with the team at Elementice on over a dozen occasions in the past year. Their professionalism and customer service is fantastic and their innovative products, (in particular WalkerKam) have been a delightfully buzzing addition to these corporate events. I would confidently recommend Elementice to any business in either the public or private sector and for a diverse range of events – even weddings.
Emily Hannah, AIPP M.Photog
esh photography
"This is the best family photo we've ever had!"
Random Mum
Canberra Show