Designed with and for professional photographers, to get images off your camera and into a magic, all-powerful cloud for processing in real-time.

Think of it as an assistant that follows you around with a laptop, constantly copying your images, sorting, sending photos to numerous customers, updating online galleries and making sales...

Except it's closer to the size of a deck of cards so you can walk around with it connected to your camera.

It's the pro's perfect companion.

Use Your Own Gear

Our bolt-on Walker device is compatible with most leading DSLR and mirrorless camera brands including Canon, Nikon and Sony. Just change the connector to suit your particular model and you're good to go!

Super Portable

Walker goes with you wherever you capture minus the trip hazards caused by long USB cables and laptops. It's light weight enough for all day use and easy to use with other camera attachments.

Personal & Simple 

Customers no longer need to search through hundreds- thousands of images to find their pictures. Images can be tagged and sent to a personal gallery in real time.

World First
Real-Time Delivery

Save on admin/post processing time. Capture your photos and walk away knowing that your images are already tagged, sorted, uploaded and delivered to your customers.

Expandable battery 

Need to shoot an extended day with no break? Our additonal battery pack almost triples the life of the Walker battery so your Walker can outlast even you!

Direct Sales 

Leverage personal galleries to increase sales, maximise brand engagement or enhance the customer experience. Customers can buy digitals, order prints or share branded images in seconds.

BETTER Privacy

Rather than dumping images in a Facebook gallery for people to find, we encrypt files for transit and deliver personal image galleries via the our Platform. That means only the right people have access to the images.

Online Backup

In addition to your normal in-camera storage, image files are copied to cloud storage via data networks - as you shoot.


Unlimited Data Allowance

Shoot as much as you want, and know that there will always be more data credits to cover you.

ELEMENTICE™ Walker devices are 3G/4G connected anywhere in your country (Australia/Canada/USA*), but you will never need to worry about running out of data because we manage that for you.

Prefer to use a WiFi network instead? You can configure that via the ELEMENTICE™ Console.

If you ever end up photographing in a bunker with no 3G/4G reception or WiFi, you can keep shooting as normal. The Walker will complete the uploads as soon as a connection becomes available.

*Canadian devices can also roam into USA if you contact us in advance.

The perfect pair

For all your scanning and knowing-where-you-are-up-to needs the ELEMENTICE™ Reader is the perfect partner for you Walker.

The Reader pairs to your Walker and allows you to add subject ID information to the metadata of your images as well as tags like retouch, retake or sibling (you're welcome high-volume photographers).

The Reader can scan any 1D Barcodes / 2D QR Codes and can maintain a reliable connection to the Walker over 20 meters/yards away (for example you can scan from side of stage while the photographer is at the back of the room).

The Reader display let's you know things like battery life, "session status", and sync queue. If you don't like pushing buttons all the time, you can also turn on "Continous Scan Mode" to make the scanner motion activated. 

Zero contact delivery

ELEMENTICE™ Walker unlocks access to the ELEMENTICE™ Platform and all of our COVID safe, zero contact image delivery options!

For example:

ELEMENTICE™ Facial Recognition let's your customers register their selfie using their own device. Any time that their face is recognised, it will be added to their personal gallery. You can also see customer names displayed under their face in the ELEMENTICE™ Console, filter by face and more!

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