"only pay for what you use"

Our Platform dynamically detects the size of your image files, the method which was used to upload (cellular data or WiFi) and what features are being triggered upon arrival.
This allows us to charge only for what you use and it puts you in control, no matter what type of photography you are doing today.

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Pricing in 3 Easy steps...


data uploads

Use venue WiFi, your own hotpsot or the integrated cellular data. Our platform will detect the method and charge based on which method you choose.


free features

Many features on the ELEMENTICE™ Platform are included free, including: Online Image Editor, Branding, Online Registration, Dropbox and Fotomerchant Studio Integrations.


premium features

Some features require additional resources and therefore incur a small additional fee depending on the service, but you'll still only pay for what you use.


WIFI UPLOADS$10.99/GB$10.99/GB

**1GB of data is the equivalent of 1,000 small JPEGs (each with a print resolution of 6"x4") or 200 Large JPEGs (each with a print resolution of 23"x15")...
That's around 1-5 cents per image on wifi depending on how large of a file you decide to use.

free features


Stand out with our free branding features! Apply watermarks, customise gallery header graphics and the footer message found in ever customer's gallery... and more. You can also download template files to help you get everything 'just right'.

online registration

Collect customer information and allow them to access their personal galleries directly on their own device, as well as creating a unique QR code on their phone for you to scan for when you don't have any other ID system in place.

dropbox integration

Connect your free or premium Dropbox account and enable, to automatically copy your images into your Dropbox in real-time. You can also configure your prefered folder structure and filenaming standard for each event/session you photograph.

image editor

Perform basic image edits and refinements directly in our online image editor. You can quickly and easily adjust things like exposure, saturation, clarity, highlights and shadows etc in browser, then we'll update the customer gallery directly - no need to export and re-upload.

fotomerchant studio integration

Connect your Fotomerchant Studio account for the easiest and fastest way to get your images from capture, through auto-headsizing, auto background knockouts (no green screen needed!), auto cropping... a whole lot more... and directly into the best print sales platform available. In real-time! Go from shutter to sales in seconds (not days).

...and more!

Naturally, sorting and hosting of all of your customer galleries is included as well as access to the Elementice™ Console for you to monitor and configure all of your devices and integrations as well as your dashboard which shows you up to date statistics about your account and user galleries... there's actually a lot more.

premium features

facial recognition

Facial Recognition let's you use your customer's face to separate and personalise galleries instead of scanning barcodes or QR codes.

e-commerce sales

All ELEMENTICE customer galleries have inbuilt e-commerce capabilties so that you can start selling, while you're still shooting. Connect your Stripe account and your profits will be deposited directly into your own business bank account.

sms and emails

If you have collected contact details from your customers, we can send them an automated email or sms with a link to their personalised gallery as soon as their photos are ready. 

numberplate recognition

For events like marathons, fun runs or mountainbike races they'll often be wearing number plates of some kind. We can use Optical Character Recognition to read the numbers and create galleries for each athelete - in real time.

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