ELEMENTICE™ systems are all designed to work for you and your business, the way you want to work. Simply choose and configure your workflow to increase efficiency even to to point of real-time image delivery.
...then, only pay for what you use.

The ELEMENTICE™ Platform is what makes all the magic happen.

Eliminate Admin Overheads

No more manually sorting images or doing a mail-out containing a Dropbox link to 1,000 images. You don't even need to wait until the event is over for your images to be copied, sorted and delivered.

beat your competition

Win more clients by offering them more than your competition can. Offer marketing options such as real-time watermarking, previously impossible socials engagement or share online sales profits.

instant, personal, contact free delivery

Make it easier for your customers to buy or share their photos. Deliver branded (or unbranded) images to guests instantly in their own personal gallery. No sorting, no waiting and no searching.
*Public Galleries are still available too.

watermark low-res, sell high-res.

Deliver low(er)-resolution, watermarked sample images to your potential customers in real-time and maximise your hi-resolution original sales all in one platform. We'll handle the payments via Stripe and you'll get your profits directly.

your own global command centre 

No matter how many ELEMENTICE™ powered devices you have, anywhere in the world, you can control it all via a your online command centre - in real time from wherever you are.
(We call it the ELEMENTICE™ Console)

get even more with integrations

We stick to what we do best and make it simple to integrate for the rest. You can collect payments using Stripe, send files to your Dropbox or directly into Fotomerchant HV's amazing sales platform with all the bells and whistles.

control it all from the console

The ELEMENTICE™ web console allows you to control all your devices from one place. It's your one-stop-shop for managing and monitoring all your ELEMENTICE™ enabled cameras.

Once you log in, you can see the latest images in real-time, track stats, change device settings, select image delivery methods, update branding and watermarks as well as setting up online sales or integrations like automatically uploading to the Fotomerchant Studio e-commerce platform to sell physical print packages.

deliver with elementice™ Galleries

The ELEMENTICE™ Gallery can be custom branded for any event - promote your business, sell the branding space to your customer, do both or do neither!

​Guests, customers and clients all view their images in personalised galleries so they don't need to sort through other people's photos. Galleries can be split up by scanning QR / Barcodes or via online registration using Facial Recognition.​

Galleries are created within seconds of the images uploading and access to galleries is given via unique QR code, SMS or email notification - it's up to you!

Zero contact delivery

ELEMENTICE™ Facial Recognition & Event Registration means that you have completely contact free image delivery options. Keep your staff and customers safe by allowing your customers to register their own details using their own device - no cards changing hands and no need for physical contact.

Upon registering, we will give your customers a unique QR code on their own device. When you scan that QR code with your ELEMENTICE™ Reader, we'll know where to send those photos.

...or you can take an additional step back and remove the need to scan QR codes all together!

ELEMENTICE™ Facial Recognition let's your customers register their selfie so that you don't need to scan anything at all. Any time that their face is recognised, it will be added to their personal gallery. You can also see customer names displayed under their face in the ELEMENTICE™ Console, filter by face and more!

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