The ELEMENTICE™ Booth is a stylish, fully automated, go everywhere, battery powered photobooth that fits in the back of a hatchback and delivers images to personalised galleries for all your customers in real-time. Don't worry it's not another tired iPad solution. It's a real DSLR Camera in there with our Walker and Reader making magic happen.

Let's face it, sometimes all your clients want is the same photo over and over and over and over... So put your
spare Walker in this Booth and let it do the repetitive stuff, while you focus on the shots that only you could achieve.  



The Booth itself is light enough to be held in one hand (we even gave you a handle). We fit the Booth, together with its' tripod, two light stands, soft boxes, flashes and more inside a road case which fits perfectly in the boot/trunk of a small VW Golf.

stylish & Ethicaly made 

Ethically handcrafted from Tasmanian Oak here in Australia, we think you'll agree that our sleek and simple Booth is one of the most beautiful photobooths on the market today. Customers love the mirror face to help them get ready for their photos.

high quality images

Forget those tired photobooth solutions which are nothing more than a fancy iPad case. This booth fits a full DSLR with pancake lens and wireless flash tigger for top quality images.

battery powered

Other Booths require access to power, which means running cables across the floor and creating trip-hazards. Not ours. Everything is self contained so you can enjoy a safer wireless experience... even down by the lake where there is no access to power. 

powered by  ELEMENTICE™ walker

The ELEMENTICE™ Booth turns your ELEMENTICE™ Walker and Reader into a fully automated, interactive system which is fun, fast and fully integrated with the ELEMENTICE™ Platform.

We harness the Walker's cellular data connection to upload images in
real-time so your customers can access their own personalised galleries on their own devices, doubling throughput and reducing lines.

ELEMENTICE™ Reader acts as a motion activated scanner with engaging graphics and messages which shine through the front mirror face.  The ring of 60 LEDs sparkle to engage attention and then act as a countdown timer so customers know when to strike their pose!

ELEMENTICE™ Booth has been designed from the ground up to be simple for you and your customers, seamlessly opening up all the features of the ELEMENTICE™ Platform.

Zero contact operation

The ELEMENTICE™ Booth unlocks access to the all of the COVID-safe, zero-contact image delivery options the ELEMENTICE™
Platform offers.

We allow guests to register for their gallery on their own device and the scanner on Booth is motion activated so there is no need to actually touch it. This means that there are no common surfaces to clean between customers (*cough* iPad screen *cough*).

​There is
no need to stay inside either. Outdoor events allow for more space and air circulation, but they can cause headaches as far as accessing power. That's not a problem for the Booth, which is completely battery powered.

... oh, and did we mention that you can use it in
Portrait mode too?

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