Fully automated.  Built for extreme locations and events.

Built for Extremes

KickerKam is built to capture the fun in the most extreme locations where photography, let alone image delivery is normally hard to achieve. 

Fully Automated

No toilet breaks, no sick days.  KickerKam is always there when people want proof of their new trick to share with friends.

Instant Delivery

No more waiting days or weeks for images.  Images are delivered to customers and guests in mere seconds via WiFi or cellular data networks.

100% Personal

No more searching through thousands of images to find your pictures.  All images are tagged and sent to a Personal Gallery where people can share.



A fully-automated camera system built for  extreme locations such as skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, wake-boarding etc. 

Super tough, it can be installed for short term events, or it can live for months in the sun or snow whilst still being managed and supported via your ELEMENTICE Console

Guests scan their ID, hit the jump and have branded images of their airborne moment delivered to their phone instantly.  Images are delivered to personal galleries via various different methods including ELEMENTICE 'Gallery Card', SMS, Email or even delivered to your own internal image gallery.  

See Kicker in action HERE.

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