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ID's and Image Delivery

  • What if we already have a customer ID?

    ELEMENTICE systems can use various types of ID including RFID, Bar-Code or QR-Code.  If your business already has some type of ID (eg. Lift pass, Loyalty Card, or mobile app with user login) then ELEMENTICE cameras can probably use it.  This also opens up the possibility of image delivery via SMS.  

    Contact us to talk more about how ELEMENTICE systems can leverage your existing ID system.

  • What is a 'Gallery Card'?
    The default method of image delivery is the ELEMENTICE 'Gallery Card'.  It's just like a business card.  Gallery Cards have YOUR business branding all over it along with a QR Code which links directly to a Personal Gallery where guests can access and share their images.
  • Who designs the Gallery Card?
    If you provide us with the high-res image, we can do all the hard work! We will send you a couple of options to choose from.
  • How does the watermark work?

    When your guests share an image, your brand follows. Just like the Gallery Card, all you need to do it is provide us with the brand/event logo and we will send you a few different concepts from which to choose.

  • Can I have more than one watermark?
    Absolutely. Some clients even use this as an opportunity to charge a third party for the opportunity.
  • What if someone loses their Gallery Card?
    Occasionally event guests' misplace their Gallery Card. No problem. All they need to do is contact us through our website, let us know some basic details, and we can provide them access to their Personal Gallery.
  • We don't have good mobile reception, what then?
    Mobile reception can sometimes be limited, especially at major events. Thankfully, ELEMENTICE systems do not require much bandwidth to transfer images. However, if there is literally no mobile reception to access, your guests will be unable to access reception either. ELEMENTICE ensure all images are made available to your guests as soon as possible.


  • What is WalkerKam?
    WalkerKam is a human-driven device that allows a photographer to use their own camera equipment and have branded images delivered instantly to customers and their guests.  It is designed for flexibility & special events where stationary, fully automated systems are not possible. 
  • How do we get an ELEMENTICE device?
    An ELEMENTICE team member will be able drop off a device to your location in most Australian capital cities.  Otherwise, devices will be shipped (with tracking) to your location. We will also send you an instruction guide to help you get comfortable with the device and can even meet over videochat for a 'face-to-face' tutorial.
  • What technical support is available?
    We provide technical support for every single event. Most of the time, this will mean a phone call to your dedicated technical liaison. If requested, we can also provide in-person technical support throughout your event.
  • What if an ELEMENTICE device gets damaged at my event?
    Replacement costs for lost or stolen devices will apply.
  • What does a standard leasing package include?

    Don't want to be constrained by specific event time/dates? Join the growing list of businesses that are leasing their very own WalkerKam.

    Standard leasing package includes:

    500 x Gallery Cards or SMS

    3000 x Images

    Custom Branded Gallery

    Multi-Device Discount

  • What if we want to use it more than the standard package allows?
    If you plan on using WalkerKam more than is included in the base plan, just contact us to arrange a specific quote relevant to your needs. 


  • Can we use our own photographer?
    Absolutely! We will get the WalkerKam to you and provide training to your photographer. WalkerKam is very easy to operate, so using your own photographer is a great solution.
  • What is an ELEMENTICE photographer?

    ELEMENTICE provide three types of photographers for events:


    The majority of our photographers are specialists in 'social' photography. They are the perfect fit for festivals, galas, and other major events. ELEMENTICE social photographers are personable, engaging and know exactly how to ensure your guests have a great time.


    For events that need that professional edge, you have the option to book our 'professional' photographers. This is the best option for high-visibility government events, awards ceremonies, and corporate dinners. Several of our professional photographers are AIPP accredited.

    AIPP Expert

    When only the best will do, ELEMENTICE can coordinate an Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) Certified photographer for your event.  Please contact us so we can put you in touch with an appropriately skilled AIPP certified photographer.

  • Is my camera compatible with WalkerKam?
    WalkerKam is compatible with most major camera models/brands.  Generally speaking, WalkerKam is compatible with any camera that has at least one SD slot.
  • I'm a photographer, how do I edit the photos before the guest sees them?
    Images get sent to the Personal Gallery straight out of camera. This can be an intimidating process, but ELEMENTICE photographers are trained specifically to overcome these challenges. See the following question if you want to delete an image before it gets sent to the Personal Gallery.
  • I just took a bad photo, how do I remove it before it gets sent to the guest?
    We recommend our photographers hold on to a Gallery Card for themselves. We call this a 'dump card'. If you happen to take a bad photo, or your settings haven't been updated, all you need to do is send the images to your dump card rather than to a Gallery Card you give to the event guest. This is also the system if the photographer notices anything in the image that might be deemed offensive or incompatible with the event brand/identity.

Web Services

  • What is the Console?
    The Console is the hub of the ELEMENTICE system. Here, Event Managers can access the entire image suite, and detailed engagement analytics – all in real-time!
  • Why can't I share the event gallery?

    Your guests are becoming more and more aware of their digital footprint. As such, the ELEMENTICE solution is to provide a  personalised and private gallery experience. Our recommendation to event coordinators is to select a few images from the gallery to publish to highlight the success of your event. This tailored approach communicates the positive engagement of an event far more effectively than a giant gallery dump.

  • What is a Personal Gallery?

    A personal gallery is exclusively available to a unique Gallery Card or pre-registered ID. Throughout an event, images that are scanned to that Gallery Card get added to the Personal Gallery and continue to be available for long after the event is over.

    Personal Gallery's can also be accessed via the ELEMENTICE app.

  • Who has access to a Personal Gallery?

    Personal Galleries can be accessed by the following:

    1. The individual guest(s) (accessed via a Gallery Card, SMS or email link)

    2. The event coordinator (accessed via the ELEMENTICE Console)

    3. ELEMENTICE staff

    For more detailed information please see our Privacy Policy.

  • How long are Personal Galleries available?
    Personal Gallery's are indefinitely available. They can also be accessed through the ELEMENTICE app.
  • How do I access the engagement analytics?
    We will send you a login for the Console. Once you log in, you will have access to all engagement data, as well as the entire gallery of images. 
  • How is our brand protected against potential images that do not reflect our core values?
    Competent photographers are your first line of defence against behaviour that is offensive or is deemed incompatible with your corporate identity. ELEMENTICE photographers are trained to navigate this problem and work hard to alleviate any unexpected risks to your brand.
    Furthermore, images are available in the Console in real-time and can be removed by either the Event Manager or an ELEMENTICE team member. This can be done in real-time so your brand is responsive and protected.


  • What is KickerKam?
    KickerKam is a fully-automated camera system built for large events, resorts and extreme locations such as skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, wake-boarding etc.  It lives for months in the sun or snow whilst still being managed and supported via your ELEMENTICE console. 
  • How is KickerKam installed?
    The KickerKam service is bespoke to every client. We work alongside you to ensure the best location to capture the best memories for your guests. 
  • How do users receive their images?
    Guests scan their ID, hit the jump and have great photos of their jump/trick delivered back to their phone instantly.  Images can be delivered by various different methods including ELEMENTICE 'Gallery Card', SMS, Email or even delivered to your own internal image gallery.