A real-time twist on the classic Photo Booth.


Coming soon

ELEMENTICE™ Booth is due to launch soon.  

Contact Us today if you with to be part of Beta testing or pre-orders!

Fully Automated

Perfect for a media wall, BoothKam is a fully automated device which can take great photos all night long.  Staffing optional.

Super Portable

BoothKam is battery operated, no Test&Tag issues.  Just plug in, and guests can start getting instant images to their phone in seconds.

Instant Delivery

No more waiting days or weeks for images.  Images are delivered to customers and guests in mere seconds via cellular data networks.

100% Personal

No more searching through thousands of images to find your pictures.  All images are tagged and sent to a Personal Gallery where people can share.


What is Booth?

The ELEMENTICE™ Booth is an real-time take on the common photo booth... but instead of providing small prints, or a Dropbox link of 5000 unidentified images days after the event, delivery is instant via personal galleries - without the need for personal information.

Being battery powered, Booth is designed for flexibility & special events where power is often scarce or hard to access without running leads. 

It's also fully automated so staffing is optional.  Branded images can be delivered by various different methods including ELEMENTICE™ Gallery Card, SMS, email or even delivered to your own internal image gallery.